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Advocacy in the Courts

We devote a portion of our practice of law to shaping the law of property rights. We accomplish this through a number of means:

1. On a select basis, we represent property or business owners in cases which may establish a legal precedent or advance protections afforded to private property.

2. These cases may require an owner’s defense at either the trial or appellate level.

3. These cases may require extensive litigation with government wherein it is critical to identify not only the principles sought to be established at law, but also to carefully analyze the potential outcomes which may result to the owner.

Participating in the Legislative Process



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“A New Fife and Drum”
August 2005:
Southeast Real Estate Business

Hannity & Colmes


When issues of private property arise in the legislative process, there may be need for those with experience or knowledge in property rights litigation to testify before legislative bodies.


When knowing of cases which serve as illustrative examples, we also encourage property or business owners affected by property rights issues to participate in the legislative process.


So too, at times, the perspectives of those who advocate for private property rights in the courtroom are essential to drafting new legislation or assisting in legal reforms.



Support for Grass Roots Advocacy and Public Interest Legal Organizations


Brigham Property Rights Law Firm PLLC applauds the effectiveness of the Coalition for Property Rights (“CPR”) as non-profit, property rights education and advocacy organization standing for property owners throughout Florida.  CPR’s efforts give voice to private property rights at both the local and state levels of government.



Brigham Property Rights Law Firm PLLC recognizes the Pacific Legal Foundation’s commitment to advancing property rights and other civil liberties here in Florida through its Atlantic Center.  PLF is a non-profit, public interest legal organization that represents owners in legal precedent setting cases.  These matters may not otherwise be litigated if legal expenses were solely born by the affected property or business owner.


Education/Exchange of Ideas

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People need to be educated
about the virtue and value
of property rights. Many do
not consider the matter,
perhaps, until it is their property which
is being taken.

Mr. Brigham frequently
takes opportunity to be a
guest speaker/lecturer on
eminent domain, property
rights, and trial advocacy before
associations, civic clubs, and schools. He
enjoys speaking with students at all levels,
whether in elementary, middle, high school
, undergraduate and graduate level

Mr. Brigham recently participated in an
international exchange of ideas through
his participation in the 8th Annual
8th Annual Brigham Kanner Property
Conference sponsored by the William & Mary Law
School (Williamsburg, Va.) and Tsinghua University
(Beijing, China). With the potential for greater property
rights emerging in China, the seminar brought together
both legal scholars and practitioners to collaborate
on the form and substance of property rights in theory
and practice.

Eleventh Annual Brigham-Kanner Property Rights Conference

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Mr. Brigham continues to share his experience and knowledge as both a planning chair and faculty member for the American Legal Institute American Bar Association’s  (ALIABA) national seminar on eminent domain and valuation law.

If it is your desire to request additional information regarding the efforts of Mr. Brigham and others to shape the law, you are invited to follow the link below to the Brigham Property Rights Law Firm PLLC’s Eminent Domain Blog.

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