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    Mr. Brigham represented a foreign developer/mortgagee who stood in the shoes of the owner of the “Old Southern Bell Building,” a six-story historic building in downtown Jacksonville.  The City of Jacksonville was taking the property as part of a seven-block acquisition for the new Duval County Courthouse.  The City was undertaking the project as part of the “Better Jacksonville Plan.”  Thus, the proceedings to take private property for the “new” courthouse, all took place in the “old” courthouse.

    The initial offer by the City of Jacksonville was $1,200,000.  Mr. Brigham took the case to trial and obtained a jury verdict of $3,900,000; notwithstanding, an appeal was taken by the condemning authority and the verdict was overturned.  Mr. Brigham was able to negotiate a settlement of $3,200,000 leading up to a second jury trial.

    Link:  Article     “New Courthouse Site has Property Values Going Up”       

    Times Union – August 2002


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